Le Corgi

The most famous fluffy Corgi in Europe, Marcel Le Corgi is changing the pet industry one nose boop at a time.

Arguably the only non Royal corgi who has stolen the nations heart, Le Corgi is owned by professional photographer Aurelie Four and chef Pierre. We can all learn how to master social media from this stumpy little fluffy butt.

Aurelie Four

Also known as Marcel @lecorgi ‘s Maman(ger) on Instagram and Facebook, French-born Aurélie Four has been calling London “home” for over 10 years. The photographer, content creator and social media consultant loves to capture life and love moments. Aurélie thrives to tell visual stories that make others smile and inspire them to be kind, be positive, create and keep an open mind. 

Hugo & Ursula

Hugo & Ursula (and now Huxley) are the ultimate human pet crossover account. Focusing on a strong human animal friendship this cute trio are pet relationship goals for many dog owners.

Often seen in and about London snapping pictures for their personal and photography accounts Phodography, their stylist and vibrant images perfectly capture the dog and human bond.

Having worked in the London dog scene and beyond for four years, they decided it was about time they combined forces too.

Kimberly Marie Freeman

Award winning blogger Kimberly Marie Freeman has been a leading pet industry expert and dog trainer for 16 years.

As a full time blogger and trainer, Kimberly can help guide you in the right direction to help train your dog to work for the camera.

Khaleesi The Dobe

Owned by professional dog trainer Fran, Khaleesi is a service dog who is changing the misconceptions of service dogs everywhere. Fran has been training dogs for several years and is so excited to bring her expert knowledge combined with her Instagram know how.

Lucie Herring

Dog mad and a veggie pizza lover, Lucie Herring runs Gilded Herring PR (along with being the founder of Doggo Style). Unafraid of throwing out the rule book, Lucie works with a multitude of diverse brands creating, promoting and delivering PR and Communications that both resonate (with the media and the end consumer) and reward, by gaining trust and loyal brand devotees. With over 15 years at the forefront of PR and Marketing campaigns, Lucie is dedicated to bringing a brand’s story to life, through extensive industry experience, knowledge and enviable network of contacts. 

Sophie Bradley

Sophie Bradley is a social media expert for SociallySophieB. Sophie has been working with both private and corporate individuals to enhance their social media strategies and increase their visibility.

Owner/owned by adorable Cavalier King Charles  Amber, Bradley resides in London and is very excited to be taking part in the first ever Pet Industry Conference. 

Steph & The Spaniels

Stephanie Walton has been a professional blogger and content creator for 5 years. Her award winning blog Steph & The Spaniels is constantly featured as a UK top pet blog as well as being nominated and featured in many other dog friendly and lifestyle awards and lists.